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LGS's work is not of one person, one voice, but rather a rich duality. Thomas Renaud is a self-taught ceramist who draws inspiration from architecture, commencing with his Floridian coastal roots, and ancient vessels from his worldly travels. Noel Hennessy studied painting, photography, and sculpture at School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and is influenced by geological formations and imagined civilizations of the future. Together, they form LGS, a Los Angeles-based collaborative design and ceramic art studio with a robust collection of work, including sculptural decor, lighting, and vessels.

With Renaud's skilled wheel-throwing ability and Hennessy's unique hand-building and finishing techniques, they express their united vision: to produce work that transcends time and place. However, what distinguishes LGS's method from familiar wheel-throwing and conventional glaze techniques is they accentuate a silhouette and create a new texture by adding or subtracting elements. Their surface manipulation results in a piece that provokes us to ask, “When is this from?" Thus, their oeuvre only can be classified as "New Relics," objects that balance both past and future.

Custom made, each piece is unique as the Renaud-Hennessy combined process. They ideate together on the overall direction, sketch pieces, and make adjustments. Once the design is complete, they determine how it will be built. The product is meticulously shaped and refined and is not finished until it is equally aesthetically pleasing and efficient.

LGS has been featured in several publications, including Vogue Living, FvF, Monocle, Flaunt, Domino, The LA Times, GRAY Magazine, and The Strategist.

Photo: Allison Zaucha for The LA Times